Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro

The two best-known CBI programs are Cyprus and Malta. But what if we told you the Montenegrin program has better tax optimization benefits than Cyprus and entails a smaller investment than both Cyprus and Malta? As Montenegro will likely join the EU in 2025, the passport will also have the benefit of allowing you to invest, live, and work across the EU with total freedom. Due to the unique combination of cost-effectiveness and benefits,  Montenegro is one of the best countries for citizenship by investment.

Now, we can discuss the requirements. You must consider the following:

  • The applicant cannot be subject to sanctions and/or banned for entry to the EU, UK, USA, or Canada
  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • You must prove the funds you use for the application and investment are legitimate
  • You must be in good health

Let’s talk about the nature of the program. You must make economic contributions to Montenegro in two ways. First, an investment in a real estate project, and second, a donation to fund the development and infrastructure of undeveloped areas of the country.

The real estate projects must be five-star mixed or hotel complexes in the Coastal region or the capital, or four-star mixed or hotel complexes in the North. The investment must come from the list of government-approved development, as the government seeks to ensure the projects are rentable and feasible.

There are two investment possibilities:

You can rent out your property. Thus, you can obtain passive income from it. That means that the total net worth of your investment is even lower. Likewise, as you can sell the property after five years, and the real estate market is growing, you’ll get an incredible investment return.

As of today, there are four government-approved projects where applicants can invest.

We’re speaking about The Westin, a ski resort situated in Kolašin, which is the best winter tourism destination in Montenegro, and one of the most underrated in the Balkans.

Kolašin is fenced by the imponent hills of the Bjelasica mountain, the Biogradska Gora national park, of which the river Tara runs close that give you magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime sights. Kolašin is a location of nearly virgin nature with 17 km of ski tracks and 18 km being built. Even better: it’s known for being the place with the most per-capita number of Kafanas, among ex-Yugoslavia states. Kafanas are bistros that serve food coffee and alcohol and add a bohemian ambiance to Kolašin’s beauty. It has everything to become a top winter tourism destination.

A highway is almost complete. It’ll give access to Kolašin from Podgorica in only half an hour. The hotel has a privileged location, only a walk away from the best ski hills in the Balkans.

The plan has 93 bedrooms, of which 52 are suites. It includes parking, three (buffet, outdoors, national food) restaurants, a ski-view bar, a beauty salon, a conference room, a ski rental, and more.

Actually, The Westin is about the first part of a larger development that consists of 2,000 beds divided between five hotels, eight flat buildings, and 45 private chalets. It’s projected to hold 30,000 skiers.

As it’s located in the north region of Montenegro, the minimum investment is €250k. The country is seeking to sell itself as a top touristic destination, and it has everything to do it. With the predictable triumph of its CBI program, tourism FDI will get a boom. You can’t lose this opportunity.

Now, it’s vital to note that the beneficiaries of the program can be 1) the main applicant, 2) his spouse, 3) financially depending children without age restrictions.

Furthermore, the program has some processing fees to consider. They are the same for both investment paths:

If the investor applies alone: €15k

If the investor applies with his spouse: €25k: €15k the main applicant + €10k the spouse

If the investor applies with his spouse, and up to three dependents: €55k (with three dependents): €15k the main applicant + €10k the spouse, and €10k per dependent

If the investor applies with his spouse, and more than three dependents: €105k (with four dependents): €15k the main applicant + €10k the spouse + €10k the first three dependents + €50k per additional dependent.

Now, let’s walk you through the application process.

Consultation and background check with our experts: Our experts will check if you are eligible for the CBI and if you have all the documentation in hand. The primary documents are:

  1. Check and pick a real estate project: Our experts will provide you with a portfolio of projects, so you select the best for you and sign the investment documents.
  2. Payment of the investment and government contribution: You’ll pay the government donation (€100k) and real estate investment (€250k or €450k, depending on the selected investment)
  3. Payment of fees: After the background check is done, you can pay the government fees mentioned above and the professional fees of our experts
  4. Submitting the documents: Our experts will provide all documents, including the proof of payment of the contributions and the investment.
  5. Getting a favorable decision: This is the longest step. Authorities take somewhere between three to six months to review your application.
  6. Taking biometric data and receiving your passport: This is the only moment that requires your physical presence in Montenegro. You must provide your biometric data and obtain your passport.
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